We Aim to make Learning a Success

Education Management

As a parent, and especially when your child is homeschooling, dealing with administration responsibilities, on time submission of schoolwork and projects, knowing when and where to focus more attention with tricky subjects or knowing who to speak to at the school can become a tedious exercise. We therefore guide you through this process each step of the way by taking over the educational management as we like to call it.

We Aim To

Introduce students to the new alternative school where traditional teaching and learning methods are improved by focusing on individual student needs and learning styles.

We Aim To

Render an environment where we can facilitate the home school process effectively.

About Tutor House

Tutor House is a registered Impaq Tutor Centre, we are able to register learners for home schooling, supply learning material, support, facilitation, education management, expert tutoring and after care. Our learning centre offers home school facilitating during weekdays from 8AM to 1PM where a facilitator will be available at all times. This is especially helpful to get the learners in a learning environment, away from any distractions with an expertly trained facilitator to guide them through the learning experience.
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